So ... you've been wandering the long and winding road through the width of the worldwide web - and really do want to know more about me? What can I tell you? Born? Yes, I am! Exactly on September 17th, 1964, which means I am XX years of age right now. Finished calculating? In a city? Even so! In the heart of westphalia - Münster! Family status? Don't you know, that curiosity killed the cat? O. k., o. k., I am married (quite happily - at least most of the times :-)) and I have a little daughter of six years. Does that feed you enough? NO? What else? Asterisk? Hey pal, look up - born in September, that means I am virgin - and I intend to keep that for the rest of my life (well, asterisk at least).

So, this is it for this site right now. I'll be working on it time after time, so don't hesitate and keep your eyes open for updates! If you do want to know more about me, have a look into "About me!"

Otherwise, enjoy my sites. Who knows, maybe you'll find a link or two in my collection that can either help you or is for your interest.

Last, but not least, I'ld really appreciate you taking some time to leave a short message in my guest book.

And now: Happy Surfing!

Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention, that most of the sites will be in german. But do not hesitate, just go ahead - and enjoy your stay!